We Fly With A Purpose

We Believe In Bringing Aviation To The People.

We are aviation development in africa and we fly with a purpose.

Aviation is our passion and we want to share it with any individual who wants to pursue a pilot career or any othe career in aviation .

Our Vision

We aim to provide a support structure in the aviation sector for individuals that are struggling to complete their pilot course due to finance. Provide a support structure for aspiring pilots who dont have all the required information but aspire to be pilots one day and to spread aviation awareness at less remote areas and to previously disadvantaged youth all over the country

Our Values

We believe in taking aviation to the people.

Group of aviators

Taking advantage of the invreasing need of pilots worldwide.

Increase the awareness of aviation worldwide

Hunger to strive for the best.

Increase amount of professional pilots produced

Attract worldwide sponsors for funds.

What We Do.

Aviation Development in Africa was developed to take aviation to previously disadvantage areas and inform the youth of the different types of careers in aviation as we find that most of the youth have no idea on how to fulfill a career in aviation.

We also help find funds for the youth in aviation as well as bridge the gap between graduate pilots and the phase that they meet the minimum hours to obtain a job with the airlines.

Organizational Goals and Objectives.
Our Organisational Strategy.

The organization will implement the following strategies to achieve its goals of successfully reaching its goal of funding pilots from previously disadvantaged backgrounds: