Organisational Strategies

Portfolio presentation of our candidates, companies we will approach, and marketing, are all key elements of creating an online ambiance that rivals the atmosphere off and online. However, overly aggresive sales campaigns and creating a brand forour events overnightt is not a key business strategy that would lend itself to the success of our brand. We must likewise resist the temptation to hawk too loudly and opt instead for a powerful brand representation that compels purchases of event tickets in the absence of promotions.

1. Create a compelling value propostion for sponsors,advertisers and the public

Aviation Development in Africa will strive to provide an unparalleled experience and serives that will make it the primary destination for funding aspiring aviators. This includes having the highest qualified pilots, and many qualified flight engineers, flight attendants, aircraft attendants, aircraft mechanics, and air traffic controllers just to name a few and a community for encouraging the exhange of information and ideas in the rural areas of our country.

2. Build strong band recognition

Our organisation will be heavily promoted throughout the internent and the world. The organisations' strategy is to promote, advertise and increase its's brand equity/visibility through online and offline services and a variety of marketing techniques including guerilla marketing, online advertising and road shows and hosting career expos, listing with all key country search engines, and developing business alliances and partnerships that will help drive traffic to the site. The organization will also benefit from gaininh "first/early mover" advantage by becoming one of the first major organisations to establish a dominant position. This will result in extensive word-of-mouth marketing that will drive the aviation auidence to us.

3. Develop key industry strategic partnerships

We plan to enter into many strategic relationships in order to quickly build credibility. This could include partners with major aviation deals, charter companies, airlines, aviation authorities, and international aviation brands and companies. Once substantial audience and sponors have been achieved,this event and course will be done annually.

4. Provide a compelling presentation of content and products to encourage repeat sponsors

Our approach will be user-friendly abd cutting edge in the eyes of our audience to attract more aspiring aviators from all walks of life and sponsors. We have a strong branding message that will extend to all aviators which we aim to draw more funding.Our events will encompass the sophistication and identification of the sponsors and values we represent and offer in our industry.

5. Provide a high level of personalized service

We will develop and invest heavily in young passionate aviators that will allow the oragnisation to provide a high level of professional aviators. This includes a good record of completing exams and a minimum time of completing flight training and a high employement rate after obtaining 500 hours in the pilot sector.

6. Build an elite team of aviation professionals

Our ongoing effort of building an elite management team with backgrounds in managing and developing successful aviators within flight schools, airline and charter companies along with flight schools will be critical to our success. Management expects that many aviation companies will be interested in these types of strategic relationships since it gets them passionate individuals willing to serve them. Obviously, the success of this strategy is dependent upon implementing successfully the same strategies discussed above for the organisation, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons for why we suggest developing our projects as prescribed.