We are a group of young aviators that came together and saw a need to help aspiring aviators who are struggling financially to make their way or finish their courses in the aviation sector.

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The Aviation Development Africa is a group of young aviators which provides a platform and facilities for the awareness of careers in aviation industry in the less represented communities. Aviation Development Africa is an Non Profit Organization led by black-young professionals in the aviation sector and was founded to overcome the legacy of apartheid which have denied the majority of South African citizens to access quality education and opportunities. Currently, black people are underrepresented in the industry with about 4% of over 17200 pilots being blacks and less than 2% black women and many more professions in this industry with low representation of black people. 

This gross imbalance cannot be allowed to continue in our watch. The National Development Plan (NDP) advocates towards provision of high-quality education in languages, science and technology to all learners regardless of background. Aviation Development Africa brings the aviation industry to the people through aviation careers awareness, role models, exhibitions & expo, aviation clubs for schools and support of black aviation students among its many initiatives.

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This is our annual AVIATION EXPO that is aimed at presenting greater opportunities such as bursaries, exposure to some of the careers in the industry and many more to young aspiring aviators.

School Outreach Programme

Our school outreach programme is aimed at bridging the information gap about various careers in the aviation sector. We cover +-100 schools in the rural and township arears on an annual basis.


All our volunteers are dynamic and energetic young aviators who dedicate their time, skills and knowledge to help the organisation execute its’ mission and vision under the school outreach programmes where they can also share their Aviation journey and inspire other aspiring aviators. Volunteers also play a role of assisting with events and fundraisings and represent the organisation where need be.

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Our Community



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#EveryBarHasAStory- Event Report On the 27th of April 2019, we hosted the event #EveryBarHasAStory at Freeway Tabernacle Church, in Midway Soweto. This initiative was by Boitumelo Tumi3bars Katisi in her quest for giving back to...

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