About Us

Aviation Development in Africa

About Us

The Aviation Development Africa is a group of young aviators which provides a platform and facilities for the awareness of careers in aviation industry in the less represented communities. Aviation Development Africa is an Non Profit Organization led by black-young professionals in the aviation sector and was founded to overcome the legacy of apartheid which have denied the majority of South African citizens to access quality education and opportunities. Currently, black people are underrepresented in the industry with about 4% of over 17200 pilots being blacks and less than 2% black women and many more professions in this industry with low representation of black people. This gross imbalance cannot be allowed to continue in our watch. The National Development Plan (NDP) advocates towards provision of high-quality
education in languages, science and technology to all learners regardless of background. Aviation Development Africa brings the aviation industry to the people through aviation careers awareness, role models, exhibitions & expo, aviation clubs for schools and support of black aviation students among its many initiatives.

These programmes are made possible through the partnership with the provincials departments of education and the existing platforms of government departments such as Science Engagement Strategy, MST-grant schools, etc. As the statistics show that the aviation is still demographically imbalanced as a white and male dominated industry, there is no doubt that Aviation Development Africa is an agent to transform the industry. The change will continue to expose the youth to different careers in aviation and also acquire funding to help learners who want to study anything else in the industry apart from being a pilot. As an organisation led by young black and female aviators, there is no doubt that the intentions are clear in dealing with the triplechallenge of inequality, poverty, and unemployment. 

This is one unique programme in all respects which offers a great opportunity for those in pursuit towards equity in the aviation industry This idea is present a set of programmes to learners aspiring to become pilots, engineers, technicians, innovators, management in the aviation sector. The Aviation Development Africa team runs a yearly aviation expo which impacts learners towards a meaningful participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for a sustainable social-economy. For school-level awareness, learners are mentored, and coached by a group of student pilots, qualified pilots, qualified aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers and other professions in the field that are part of the organisation. Through its involvement in the Role Modelling and mentoring campaign, Aviation Development Africa managed to inspire the lives of many young people in South Africa, particularly in the townships and marginalised communities.


Our mission as Aviation Development In Africa, we wish to see an equal proportion of all races and genders holding careers in the aviation sector and eliminate the saying, “it’s a white male dominated industry”. The main aim is to heighten exposure and awareness of aviation based careers, and open them up to people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our Values

Our annual event #EveryBarHasAStory.

We host an annual event called #EveryBarHasAStory
which is one of the biggest aviation career expos in South Africa. This event aims not only to educate but to motivate and inspire aspiring aviators. We have made the decision to make this an annual event which will be hosted in different areas across the provinces of South Africa and in future different countries. The event brings more than 1500 learners from different schools and is attended by more than 3000 people annually. Through our dedicated school drives, we are able to reach more than 50 schools in preparation for this event.

 #EveryBarHasAStory allows learners to interact with professionals in the different careers of the aviation industry and educate them practically. Lastly, we thank our sponsors and partners for collaborating with us in making aviation a possibility for a rural child.