Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant

Introduction to Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant

Safety Equipment Introduction

Definition – Protective equipment used by cabin crew in case of emergency of hazardous incidents in the aircraft.
What to teach – Pre-flight checks and operations of safety equipment’s.
Why it’s being taught – The duties of a cabin crew member include ensuring the safety of passengers during a flight therefore each member should be knowledgeable of all safety equipment’s in the aircraft. First aid portable oxygen.

Pre-Flight Checks

Pressure gauge – Pointer above 1500psi, PSI needle in red band
Mask & fitting – Correct mask with bayonet fitting stowed in bag
Expiry date – Valid (see label under pressure gauge)
Sealed – With a wire seal
Carrying strap – Intact
Amount – According to LOPA

Oxygen Cylinder


  • Ensure that the bayonet fitting is secured to the outlet on the bottle
  • Turn the green knob anti-clockwise
  • Block the mask, check that the oxygen flows into the reservoir bag
  • Enforce no smoking rules strictly
    when administering oxygen
  • Place mask over the passengers
    nose and mouth and instruct them
    to breath normally
  • Ensure the bottle is changed before
    it becomes completely empty