Careers in aviation

Aircraft Avionic Technician

A specialist who is responsible for all the electronics off an aircraft day repair in upgrade electronic system

Aircraft Mechanic

a person who performs maintenance, repairs, and does inspections of an aircraft

Aircraft Welder

a person who manufactures and repair aircraft such as jets, helicopters and airplanes

Aircraft Electroplater

an aircraft Electroplater uses an Electro chemical process to plate aircraft parts to protect them from corrosion

Aircraft Trimmer

they are responsible for maintenance of the interior and cabins of an aircraft

Craft Radartrician

Person who installs, tests, repairs, and maintains the radar and radio equipment in an aircraft

Craft Electrician

Their job is to inspect, repair and maintain all electrical systems in an aircraft

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic

in mechanical inspect, install, repair, and maintain all of avionic equipment in an aircraft

Aircraft Assembler

they use the manufacturers in engineering blueprints to ask them sample we have different types of aircrafts

Flight Dispatcher

they help in the preplanning of flights to ensure the safety of the trip