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Kgomotso Ramatsoga

“Untill I saw people who looked like me, doing things I wanted to do I wasn’t sure if it was possible”. ~ Lupta Nyongo I am Kgomotso Ramatsoga, 19 years old, born and bred in Tembisa and on a constant pursuit of becoming a private pilot. Growing up, I always sang a song about aeroplanes, to me it always brought a spark and burning desire that came with a lot of curiosity about how pilots did it and that built my interest in the career. I have a sister that studied to become a flight attendant, which also fueled my drive in aviation. All I knew was that I always wanted a career that allows me to travel the world and see it from 7000 feet above with the best views of the landscape, which pilots did. My mother was against this career as she believed that it’s male dominant, she’d encourage me to become a medical doctor or radiographer instead. Growing up I didn’t know that this is a career I’d like to pursue because there was no one I could point out as a black female pilot. A year ago I was part of the ADA #EveryBarHasAStory event, sharing the knowledge I had about aviation to the youth. The purpose of Aviation Development Africa is to inspire and empower the youth about aviation. Sharing about my dream and being surrounded by people who share the same passion as me, has left me with a heart full of gratitude. In this male dominated industry, as a young trainee pilot, I can say that women are capable of flying an aircraft. One of the main focal point with the youth today is that, it should certainly teach them that women are capable of chasing any career they have a passion for. I got to know about Aviation Development Africa through one of the founders, Boitumelo Katisi who is a female pilot and somebody who deeply inspires me in this industry. Thanks to the Aviation Development Africa team for paying it forward for all the youth all over the country. Kgomotso Ramatsoga SECTION II

Gomolemo Kumalo

My name is Gomolemo Kumalo, born and raised in a township called Kwa-thema in Springs. I am 18 years old and currently studying at Mach1 Aviation Academy, all thanks to Aviation Development in Africa. I was one of the learners who attended the #EveryBarHasAStory event in April 2019 and my life changed from then. The impact of the event caused me to refuel my passion for aviation and work hard towards reaching my dream. I was inspired into learning more, adding on to the knowledge I already had concerning this field. The guest speakers not only taught us about their professions in aviation, but also encouraged us to get good grades at school.
Having taken these teachings and implemented them, my Maths and Physics marks increased over the next term and even the final. I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to be exposed to such inspirational people. I am a product of #EveryBarHasAStory and I am starting the journey of writing my own story. I look forward to soaring the skies and inspiring others to fly high.
Your Response is highly appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Gomolemo Kumalo

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#EveryBarHasAStory- Event Report On the 27th of April 2019, we hosted the event #EveryBarHasAStory at Freeway Tabernacle Church, in Midway Soweto. This initiative was by Boitumelo Tumi3bars Katisi in her quest for giving back to...

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