What is Aviation

Aviation is a science which involves the design, development, production, and operation of aircraft.

Passion for Aviation

If you are passionate and you enjoy airplanes and aerospace as a whole, then
aviation might just be the career field you want to see yourself in.

Careers in aviation

Aviation is a broad field which consists not only of pilots and flight attendants but also of careers such as aviation law, aviation medical doctor, aeronautical engineering, aircraft Marshall’s , Air Traffic Controllers , Quality Control Personnel, Flight Dispatcher, Ticket Agent, Line Spokesperson, Aircraft mechanics, Aircraft Electrical Installer or Technician, and aircraft painters and many more.


The common thing to successfully study aviation is passion. Academically, aviation has careers which only require a pass of English and matric (Grade 12). A good example is the Flight Attendant. However, if you are really interested in pursuing other careers in aviation, you will need to have pure
mathematics, physical science and English passed at grade 12. Geography is optional and will work to your benefit. Be sure to achieve good results in these subjects to stand a good chance when applying for aviation related bursaries.